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Lead Investigator Explains Tillman Case

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending an educational event at the Cal State LA Crime Lab hosted by the Los Angeles Visionaries Association. It’s my third one, and I’m addicted. It’s like grad school without the student loans. I always learn more than I can process in one afternoon. The first presentation was by … Continue reading Lead Investigator Explains Tillman Case

marguerite darlington editor strategist

Video: Fit to Rock

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xy76vrbB4ME This workout video kicks ass, and it was a lot of fun to shoot. The lovely and talented Heidi Van Horne acted as director and producer for Amie Nicole’s excellent workout. Heidi asked me to come in as Director of Photography, and the one day shoot was a ton of fun. As a DP … Continue reading Video: Fit to Rock

heidi atomic punk

Video: Heidi Meets The Atomic Punk

I’ve known Heidi Van Horne for years and have witnessed first-hand her prowess at acting, assistant directing, directing and producing; but until this non-fiction shoot I had never been on set to see her work as a model. As predicted, she was a total pro - involved in every level of image creation on a … Continue reading Video: Heidi Meets The Atomic Punk

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Writer for The Macon Telegraph

My first experience working as a journalist was an internship at the Macon Telegraph in Macon, Georgia. My alma mater, Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism, required a three-month stint at a daily newspaper for graduation.  The sting of the editor’s red pen was bitter at the age of 19. My first assisgnment was to cover … Continue reading Writer for The Macon Telegraph

Writer for Tribe

When I lived in New Orleans in 1996, I focused on writing fiction and magazine articles for Tribe magazine, a slick Raygun-style start-up covering the most urbane aspects of New Orleans culture. This piece on absinthe was the first, and, because of my short tenure in the City that Care Forgot, only piece for the … Continue reading Writer for Tribe

marguerite darlington editor strategist

Proofreader for Chinese Herbal Formulas and Applications

Many years after my work at Literature and Medicine, I came back to The Chicago Manual of Style as a proofreader on John and Tina Chen’s book, Chinese Herbal Formulas and Applications. This was one of those right time, right place dream jobs. For those of you outside the Chinese Medicine community, John Chen is … Continue reading Proofreader for Chinese Herbal Formulas and Applications

Writer at Dream Theater

Back in 1999 when the economy was strong, when everyone had a well-paid freelance gig at a dotcom, I was writing websites at a company called Dream Theater, located in Chatsworth, CA. That’s in the valley, as in “Valley Girl," for those not familiar with the Los Angeles metro area. Dream Theater was a sweatshop for creatives, … Continue reading Writer at Dream Theater

marguerite darlington editor strategist

Writer for CMA Today

In 2007 I began freelancing for the trade magazine CMA Today through a freelance service called CopyDesk, Inc. CMA stands for “Certified Medical Assistant," which is a relatively new position in the medical field. Back in 1993, while working for a temp agency in Chicago, I got sent to a doctor’s office as a receptionist … Continue reading Writer for CMA Today

phil spector

The Inside Scoop on the Phil Spector Case

On Sunday I visited the CSULA crime lab for an afternoon of workshops and lectures, courtesy of LA Esotouric. The speaker was Lynne Herold, senior criminologist for the LA Country Sheriff.  She most recently was an expert witness on the Phil Spector murder case, which is in Appeals right now. She gave us an in-depth, … Continue reading The Inside Scoop on the Phil Spector Case