The Inside Scoop on the Phil Spector Case

phil spector
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On Sunday I visited the CSULA crime lab for an afternoon of workshops and lectures, courtesy of LA Esotouric. The speaker was Lynne Herold, senior criminologist for the LA Country Sheriff.  She most recently was an expert witness on the Phil Spector murder case, which is in Appeals right now.

She gave us an in-depth, two hour lecture on the physical evidence presented in the case, and some stuff that didn’t even make it to trial.

Here are some of the grizzly details that you didn’t read about in the press:

  • Phil Spector’s blood alcohol was .24 the night Lana Clarkson was shot.
  • Police found 53 guns at his house that night.
  • They also four two suitcases filled with prescription pills.
  • They tasered Spector twice trying to subdue him, and it didn’t work.
  • At the appeal, six women testified to having gone home with Spector for a “nightcap” only to have him lock them in and threaten them with a gun when they tried to leave.

One woman who called 911 more than once from his house married him shortly after his arrest, which meant she was able to refuse to testify against him in court. This ceremony was held in the same vestibule where Lana Clarkson was shot.

That last detail was the worst one for me…

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