Higher Education Marketing, Agency Side

At ICF Olson (now ICF Next), I was hired with the title of Editorial Manager, but my responsibilities were much broader. In my role, I was one of several managers leading the Content Studio, a team of SEO specialists, a content strategist, several writer/editors, and a production team. We worked alongside project managers, design, UX, social, and paid media to create digital content for Wiley Education Services,

To serve our clients, who provided all content for the enrollment conversion funnel for online programs at 35+ private colleges and universities across the U.S., our content studio developed a high-volume production system based on best practices for SEO, content development, UX, and editing and proofreading.

In addition, I worked with the design and UX leads to develop a UX pilot, which included nearly 500 pieces of unique content, including three personalized states for new visitors and two types of return visitors. The new site is live here.

While at ICF Olson, I also worked on the Medtronic Foundation website, writing content for the website’s new look and feel.

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