Managing Editor and Influencer


Back in 2010, I had the good fortune to work with Macala Wright, founder and publisher of Also known as “Inside FMM,” she had built her fashion, marketing and technology blog to a digital publication racking 1,500-2,000 unique page views a day and one million page views per year before she suspended its publication in 2012.

5208ad40976539.5606ed64b8de4As managing editor, I wrote and edited blog posts, managed contributing writers and created an editorial schedule in collaboration with Macala. She’s a fast mover, brilliant strategist, savvy developer, and filled with great ideas. I’m thrilled that she took a chance on me, as I’m not the stereotypical fashion blogger, but I had an excellent time getting an insider’s view of the fashion industry.
3d printing fashionHere are a few of my favorite posts:
The Digital Future of Fashion Weeks and Trade Shows
The Truth about Engagement
3D Printing and the Future of Fashion
When Bloggers Share Too Much
In addition to writing, I also got my best and most complete training in social media marketing. I got to study how the best of the best use Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and more. I learned invaluable lessons in personal branding and creating an online presence across multiple platforms.

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