Video Projects

marguerite darlington editor strategist

I first learned to shoot film at the Chicago Filmmakers Collective in 1997 when it was located on Division Street. I shot black and white, silent films on a Bolex and cut the films together using razor blades and tape.

Since then, I’ve worked as a camera assistant on a number of professional quality student/amateur productions, director of photography on one, and served as producer on marketing videos for Chicago Booth and the Wisconsin School of Business.

Between 2008 and 2012, I populated a YouTube channel with several videos that I shot, edited, and produced. Here are a couple of my favorites.

This cut is off Prince Charming’s Karl Records release “Lapis Luzuli.” This is the fifth track on the album, titled “Dragons of the Sky Drink the Blood of the Sunset.”

The video was directed by Marguerite Darlington, photographed by Jonathan Taylor, and edited by Marguerite Darlington and Jonathan Taylor. It stars the lovely and talented Heidi Van Horne (, Zak Tiegen, Sebastian Clough, Sarita Ahuja, and, of course, Prince Charming.

Working with Heidi is always a pleasure, so I was really excited to work on this short, day-in-the-life documentary with the lovely and talented Heidi Van Horne, an American Pin-up, to a photoshoot with cult photographer Dave Deluxe at Martinez Customs in Burbank, California. In this segment, Heidi meets the notorious custom hot rod, The Atomic Punk.

Music Video for the track “Moon Gazebo,” track 10 on Prince Charming’s 2009 album “Lapis Luzuli” released on Karl Records. Tracks used with the permission of author and publisher Joshua Darlington, ASCAP member. This video features Dr. Eric Reymond, Rachelle Meyer, Pixie Joe and Marion Kind; and uses footage from a short film project titled “prince of mercy.” Directed, photographed and edited by Marguerite Darlington. Inspired by the films of the French New Wave.

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