Video: Heidi Meets The Atomic Punk

I’ve known Heidi Van Horne for years and have witnessed first-hand her prowess at acting, assistant directing, directing and producing; but until this non-fiction shoot I had never been on set to see her work as a model. As predicted, she was a total pro – involved in every level of image creation on a shoot that went so smoothly by the time you realized you were working, everything was in the can.

The shoot was an adventure for me. When I first arrived at Martinez Custom Upholstery, I was a little intimidated by the chain link fence, tough guys and boxer dogs, but Dave Martinez, owner and artist-in-residence, put me at ease right away and the pups – Cassie and Cisco – became fast friends. While taking a tour of the shop, Dave M showed me a piece of metal that looked so old it could be some sort of abstract sculpture. “That’s a Model A,” he said. “It should be finished in about three months.” After seeing the work he did on the Atomic Punk, I’m certain that it will look brand-new, straight off the line.

The photgrapher was Dave DeLuxe (a.k.a. Dave Wiltgen). Dave is the strong, silent Steve McQueen type of guy – when he’s not making art on his own terms, he’s driving something way too fast or drinking something that would put hair on even my chest. Don’t let that rough exterior fool you – he’s also the kind of guy that stays cool as a cucumber with a camera crew crawling all over his set and donates art to charity auctions.

Dave and Heidi came up with two seperate photoshoots. The first was a simple girl-meets-car set-up with Heidi posing with the Atomic Punk. The second shoot (video for this segment coming soon!) was for Heidi’s upcoming “To Lowbrow with Love” calendar, featuring images inspired by different lowbrow artists. The second shoot was inspired by artist Sara Ray, and was a spot-on 1950s bad girl noir look, complete with switchblade.

My biggest regret of the shoot is that the audio of the interviews with hair and make-up artist Rebecca Schillinger ended up being so crappy as to be unusable. Suffice to say, this lady is smart and so well-spoken about art and culture one might assume she has a Ph.D. Every decision about color, shape and style that she made had a reason and a reference.

This shoot would not have been possible without my  partner in crime, Jonathan Taylor, production superstar. Respect to Botto. 🙂

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