Promoting Faculty Research at the Wisconsin School of Business

When I arrived at the Wisconsin School of Business, one of my tasks was to improve the visibility and profile of faculty research at the School. In the 18 months that I’ve been at the Integrated Marketing Communications department at the Wisconsin School of Business, we’ve managed to improve traffic to the Forward Thinking blogs by 5,000 percent, and we’re trying to build on that growth this year. Here are just a few of the tactics that we’ve used: ResearchRead more

Video: Fit to Rock

This workout video kicks ass, and it was a lot of fun to shoot. The lovely and talented Heidi Van Horne acted as director and producer for Amie Nicole’s excellent workout. Heidi asked me to come in as Director of Photography, and the one day shoot was a ton of fun. As a DP it was challenging because we were outdoors, and, by some weird twist of LA fate, there were clouds in the sky. The clouds came and went,Read more

Video: Heidi Meets The Atomic Punk

I’ve known Heidi Van Horne for years and have witnessed first-hand her prowess at acting, assistant directing, directing and producing; but until this non-fiction shoot I had never been on set to see her work as a model. As predicted, she was a total pro – involved in every level of image creation on a shoot that went so smoothly by the time you realized you were working, everything was in the can. The shoot was an adventure for me.Read more

Moon Gazebo

Music video for another track from Prince Charming’s Lapis Luzuli album. I had shot this footage during the summer of 2001 in NYC for a short film, but thought the French new wave homage and dreamlike quality really fit this fleeting, haunting melody. #musicvideo #music #frenchnewwave #triphop (Source: more

Dragons of the Sky Drink the Blood of the Sunset

This cut is off Prince Charming’s Karl Records release “Lapis Luzuli.” This is the fifth track on the album, titled “Dragons of the Sky Drink the Blood of the Sunset.” The video was directed by Marguerite Darlington, photographed by Jonathan Taylor, and edited by Marguerite Darlington and Jonathan Taylor. It stars the lovely and talented Heidi Van Horne (, Zak Tiegen, Sebastian Clough, Sarita Ahuja, and, of course, Prince Charming. #musicvideo #music #triphop #heidivanhorne #princecharming (Source: more