Promoting Faculty Research at the Wisconsin School of Business

When I arrived at the Wisconsin School of Business, one of my tasks was to improve the visibility and profile of faculty research at the School. In the 18 months that I’ve been at the Integrated Marketing Communications department at the Wisconsin School of Business, we’ve managed to improve traffic to the Forward Thinking blogs by 5,000 percent, and we’re trying to build on that growth this year. Here are just a few of the tactics that we’ve used: ResearchRead more

Technology Blogger

Back in 2012, my husband had an idea for a blog. He wanted to write something positive about technology because he saw a lot of fear surrounding technology–paranoia about vaccinations, fear about tracking and surveillance, and more. He wanted to get people excited about technology, excited about the possibilities for the future, spark the interest and imaginations of people online with visions about what’s possible right now. I thought this was a great idea, so I built him the blogRead more

Copywriter at The New York Times

When I worked as a copywriter in the Marketing Services department for The New York Times, the majority of my work was creating sell sheets – leave-behind materials for the in-house Advertising Sales representatives. The format of these pieces was fairly rigid, but between the creativity of the graphic designers and a clever headline or two, we managed to turn out some nice pieces.Read more

Web Editor at License! Global Magazine

After ten years of freelancing, I finally went back to a full-time, corporate gig. I am now the web editor of License! Global magazine. You probably haven’t heard of it unless you’re involved in entertainment, consumer products, fashion, retail or another industry that’s heavily focused on licensed consumer products. It’s entertainment’s dirty little secret. It’s more behind the scenes than product placement, and it can make more money than tickets sales for children’s properties. I put out a daily EnewsRead more

LA Writers: Take a Crime Lab Tour from LAVA

CSI One of the hidden gems for crime writers in Los Angeles are the educational seminars at the Hertzberg-Davis Forensic Science Center at Cal State LA hosted by the Los Angeles Visionaries Association (LAVA). The Crime Lab seminars are led by top criminologists and discuss real cases that have been tried in Los Angeles County. If you’re a crime writer there is no better way to spend a Sunday afternoon.Read more

Top Five Resources for LA Crime Writers

This post first appeared on My first introduction to the detective genre was watching Humphrey Bogart in 1940s noir detective pictures. I loved his wise-cracking, cigarette-smoking, I’ll-do-as-I-please attitude. He inspired me to read Raymond Chandler, and then my love of Los Angeles, post-WWII detective noir began. Most people think that L.A. is Hollywood, but that’s just a neighborhood. This city has a rich literary history, and enough bizarre crimes and shady politics to keep writers inspired ad infinitum. I’mRead more

3D Printing and the Future of Fashion

This post originally appeared on InsideFMM. This is another one of those stories that seems like science fiction, but is actually reality. Retail, distribution and manufacturing are on the verge of rebirth because of a revolutionary emerging technology: 3D printing. Early adopters in the fashion industry are embracing this new technology and creating truly innovative products that are currently available (see below). Someday customers will be able to print out clothes in the comfort of their living rooms, and that dayRead more

When Bloggers Share Too Much

This post originally appeared on InsideFMM. How personal should bloggers get online? The editors of FMM discuss the dangers of sharing too much. Here at FMM, our blog is our business. We work hard to bring you intelligent, professional content about the latest in fashion digital marketing trends. In addition to this news-focused blog, we also post the prettiest pictures we can find on Pinterest; dynamic, fashion-focused content on Tumblr; and the latest greatest fashion tech news stories on Twitter. Sometimes we get personal. These viewsRead more