Tetris Might Help People Recover from Trauma, Addiction

This post was written for and published on Rewire.org. Have you ever gotten so into a video game that you’ve dreamt about it? It’s possible that type of immersion could have some positive psychological benefits. Case in point: Recent research from University of Oxford found that patients who played Tetris in the emergency room following a traumatic … Continue reading Tetris Might Help People Recover from Trauma, Addiction

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When Bloggers Share Too Much

This post originally appeared on InsideFMM. How personal should bloggers get online? The editors of FMM discuss the dangers of sharing too much. Here at FMM, our blog is our business. We work hard to bring you intelligent, professional content about the latest in fashion digital marketing trends. In addition to this news-focused blog, we also post the … Continue reading When Bloggers Share Too Much