Writer for CMA Today

marguerite darlington cma today

In 2007 I began freelancing for the trade magazine CMA Today through a freelance service called CopyDesk, Inc.

CMA stands for “Certified Medical Assistant,” which is a relatively new position in the medical field. Back in 1993, while working for a temp agency in Chicago, I got sent to a doctor’s office as a receptionist and ended up doing medical assistant work – weighing people, taking their temperature, pulling and filing medical records. I remember once, after taking a patient’s temperature, she asked, “Are you a nurse?” and I said, “No, I’m a temp.” Thankfully, medical assistants are well-trained now.

But I digress. I really enjoyed writing for CMA Today, as the articles gave me an excuse to educate myself on aspects of medical practice that I only skimmed over in acupuncture school. In addition to the article on Swimmer’s Ear, I wrote about echocardiograms, electronic medical records and digital distance learning in medical education.

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