Writer at Dream Theater

Back in 1999 when the economy was strong, when everyone had a well-paid freelance gig at a dotcom, I was writing websites at a company called Dream Theater, located in Chatsworth, CA. That’s in the valley, as in “Valley Girl,” for those not familiar with the Los Angeles metro area.

Dream Theater was a sweatshop for creatives, but a pleasant and accommodating one. One of those workplaces where your supervisor would say: “You want to leave for lunch? Sit down, let us buy you lunch. Whatever you want. Just keep typing.”

Luckily the work was stimulating and fun. My favorite project while working there was the website we did for The Sixth Sense. In addition to the website, we created an interactive screenplay that presented the Academy-Award winning screenplay in its entirety with breakout videos to explain actor’s motivations, visual symbolism and clues meant to build up to the surprise twist. After we completed the project, I counted the pages of text, interviews and supplemental materials in the website and calculated that if it were a book, it would have been approximately 700 pages.

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